To prevent the filter from blocking, rinse dirty pans & plates before putting them in the dishwasher. Detergent and rinse aid is stored in the cupboard under the dresser. You have to refill both when have used it up.


Never use the BBQ on the veranda. Always have a bucket of water available in case of emergency. The BBQ has to be cleaned when you leave the house, if you fail to do this Moerland will charge extra for the cleaning. You also have to put it back on the veranda when you leave the house to prevent corrosion.

Wood stove

It is mandatory to clean the stove when you finish your holiday. The wood under the carport is strictly for private use, Moerland can provide you with wood.


When you leave the home, you have to close al shutters and doors


Smoking in the house is not allowed. It is allowed to smoke outside. Do not throw your cigarette-ends in the garden. These are toxic for small children


Te garden is equipped with automatic irrigation, changing the scheme of the machine is not allowed


Once every 4 weeks the gardener comes by to cut the grass and spray the weed

 Video/Audio equipment

Please contact Moerland in case of disorder. It is not allowed to adapt adjustments yourself.
Read the instructions in the house manual carefully before using the satellite television. The zapping is different and you need the remote control of the receiver, instead of the one for the TV set.

 Garden furniture

Please put the pillows where back were they were stored after usage. Terrace chairs need to be put back on the veranda, rest chairs under the peg.

 Dirt containers

Dirt containers are collected on Monday (brown cover) and Thursday yellow cover). The dirt truck often comes very early in the morning so it is best to put the container down with no1 the evening before. The container with the yellow cover is for recyclable dirt, the one with the brown cover for all other dirt. If you mess this up you will get a yellow or red card and the container will not be emptied More explanation is on a special brochure (in French). Be aware of bank holiday like 1 May and 4th of July..

 Swimming pool

France has very strict safety regulations for swimming pools. For your convenience our pool has 2 safety measures. A electronic pool alarm and a  strengthened cover. You always need to apply at least one of the measures. Failure to do so is at your own responsibility risking a very high penalty.

The pool is maintained by Moerland during house rental, costs are included in the rent.